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Riker Mounts: Cotton filled chipboard frames with a glass top and hanger on back. The insects are not glued, they are gently pressed against the glass by the cotton. Riker mounts are not sealed and can be easily opened to extract or reposition the insect by removing 2-4 pins. The insects will last for many, many years as long as you keep them out of direct sunlight.

Table Tops: Clear styrene (plastic)
4" x 4" x 5.5" cases with a black base, these are designed to rest on a flat surface. The insect is mounted on a thin clear rod and angled as though it's in flight. These displays are sealed and are virtually airtight. Both sides of the insect are visible.

Acrylic Frames: Sealed airtight, clear, wall mounted, 3D display cases allowing you to view both sides of the insect simply by flipping over the case. A small hanging attachment is glued to the back of the case and matching nails or hooks are included with your order. Insects are glued on a thin clear rod creating a 3D display.

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Giant Green Walking Stick - 8x14 Riker Mount

Giant Walking Stick (Euryncema versirubra)
Length: 10 - 11.5"
Wow. These massive walking sticks are up to a foot long!
Origin: Indonesia.

Our Price: $79.00
Giant Walking Stick Giant Walking Stick - Green - 8x14 acrylic frame

Giant Walking Stick (Euryncema versirubra)
Length: 10 - 12"
Wow. These massive walking sticks are up to a foot long! Specimen pictured about is probably about 10 - 10.5 inches long.
Origin: Indonesia.

Our Price: $139.00
Giant Rhino Beetle Giant Rhino Beetle - 10x8 acrylic frame

Giant Rhinoceros Beetle (Chalcosoma caucasus)
Wingspan: 6-7"
These giant beetles are simply incredible. Extremely smooth head, gigantic wings, spikes all over their legs, shiny green shell, and 3 giant horns. This will impress your friends...or scare them! Words cannot describe how much work goes into framing these delicate monsters. Ok, so words can describe but that would just add more time and share our hard earned trade secrets. But what we can tell you is that each beetle has to be hydrated and carefully positioned: the shell is cracked open, the stubborn wings extended, each leg manipulated, each claw opened. Every piece of beetle is carefully reinforced to ensure a safe trip to your home. And then these beetles are balanced and glued on a thin clear pedestal and sealed in a 3.5 inch deep airtight acrylic frame. This frame has a small clear hanger on the back, hidden behind the beetle. However, the frame is deep enough that it can safely stand on a sturdy shelf. Be sure to click the above photo for a closeup! If your browser automatically shrinks the closeup photo you can click it again to enlarge it.
Origin: Malaysia.

Our Price: $169.00
framed cicada Flight of 8: Cicadas - 8x14 acrylic frame

8 unique stunning cicada species.

Our Price: $229.00