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Beautiful Butterflies Decor Green, Blue & Red - 8x14 acrylic frame

This display features the green Papilio blumei, blue Napocles jacunda, and red Papilio rumanzovia. Click above photo for closeup.

Our Price: $144.00
Butterfly Art Three Swallowtails - 8x14 acrylic frame

This display features Blue Mountain Swallowtail (Papilio ulysses), Majestic Green Swallowtail (Papilio blumei) & Queen Swallowtail (Papilio androgeous) butterflies.

Our Price: $149.00
Tropical Butterflies Contrasting Colors Collection - 8x14 acrylic frame

These butterflies are all similar in that they have prominent amounts of black along with a beautiful solid bright coloring, each one a different color. Don't they just go great together? Click the photo for a closeup, sorry for the black background! The bottom two butterflies got slightly washed out in the photo but they're a bit more vibrant and colorful in person.

Our Price: $169.00
Exotic Butterflies Three Blue - 8x14 acrylic frame

Three huge, immensely popular blue butterflies. Blue Morpho didius (top), Blue Mountain Swallowtail (center), Blue Morpho menelaus (bottom).

Our Price: $169.00
Rainforest Butterflies Four Swallowtails - 8x14 acrylic frame

This display features a Blue Mountain Swallowtail (Papilio ulysses), green Radiant Swallowtail (Papilio lorquinianus), Purple Spotted Swallowtail (Graphium weiskei) & a yellow swallowtail. The tiger swallowtail is pictured above however we may use the similar Queen and King swallowtails.

Our Price: $169.00
Real butterflies 3 Morphos - 8x14 acrylic frame

This display features the Blue Morpho didius, Morpho menelaus, and a Pearl morpho. In this photo they don't appear to be metallic but they are, the lighting type and angles can alter how they look in photos.

Our Price: $169.00
Indian Moon Moth Pair Indian Moon Moth Pair - 8x14 acrylic frame

The female Actias selene (above) is virtually identical to the American Luna Moth but much larger than most found in the U.S. In terms of surface area it's about three times the size of the Luna Moths we normally offer! Some specimens have nice pink dots and highlights as well. The male below is more yellow and pink with amazing scalloped wings. Note: These moths are of limited availability and extremely fragile so most specimens will have some extremely minor issues like a few tiny nicks (1-2 millimeter long) in a wing.
Origin: Widespread throughout Asia.

Our Price: $219.00
Zebra Clearwings Display Zebra - Clearwing Display - 8x14 acrylic frame

Two Zebra butterflies & five Pink Clearwings.

Our Price: $239.00
Mix Butterflies Harmony - 8x14 acrylic frame

A beautiful mix of 9 different colorful butterflies.

Our Price: $239.00