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Blue Butterflies Blue Pearls Flight - 28x18 acrylic frame

Horizontal flight of blue and pearl morpho butterflies. All of these butterflies are very iridescent, put this display in a well lit room and your whole wall will constantly sparkle and glisten.

Our Price: $689.00
Colourful Butterflies Sunshine - 28x18 acrylic frame

This display features 3 brightly colored butterflies, the small red Cymothoe sangaris, the medium sized Orange-Barred Sulpher and the huge Blue Morpho didius. This large display will light up any room!

Our Price: $699.00
Rainbow Spray Butterflies Rainbow Spray - 18x28 acrylic frame

8 beautiful black & white butterflies. As with all of our acrylic frames, all of the butterflies are mounted on thin clear rods of various heights, creating a 3D display that really can't be appreciated in a one dimensional photo. These butterflies aren't touching each other like they might appear in the photo, they're overlapping.

Our Price: $699.00
Butterflies display Butterfly Dance - 18x28 acryilc frame

20 unique colorful, popular butterflies in a large 3D flight. With the exception of possibly the two small orange butterflies (we have a few other colorful similar sized orange butterflies), all butterflies pictured will likely be identical to the above photo.

Our Price: $699.00
Supreme Blue butterflies Blue Pearls Supreme - 18x28 acrylic frame

19 beautiful Pearl & Blue Morphos. These butterflies aren't touching, they are mounted on thin clear rods of various heights and overlapping. The pearl morphos are much more iridescent than they appear in the above photo.

Our Price: $799.00
Precious butterflies Rainbow Flight Supreme

2 Rainbow Flight curls and 2 Swallowtails (blue & green) or 2 blue Morpho menelaus. We generally now have enough small butterflies to insure no duplicate butterflies in the display, every one will be different. When ordering use the additional instructions section to choose between the 2 swallowtails or 2 blue morphos. 34 total unique butterflies.

Our Price: $849.00
Butterflies Gift Rainbow Circle Supreme - 28x18 acrylic frame

This display features 2 Rainbow curls, a large Blue Morpho didius and some beautiful swallowtails and bowtie butterflies on the sides and corners. 38 unique specimens, 39 total butterflies (only the butterflies in the top right and left corners are duplicated for balance.) A few of the small butterflies look dark in the photo but are very colorful in person.

Our Price: $899.00
Mounted Butterflies Rainbow Spray II - 18x28 acrylic frame

33 unique colorful butterflies. This display is very 3D, the butterflies are steeply angled in various directions on their small clear rods. The butterflies aren't touching, they're overlapping. A very challenging, time consuming display to make! We spend a lot of time insuring that each displays looks it's best!

Our Price: $899.00