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Mounted butterflies Blue & Yellow II - 12x18 acrylic frame

2 Blue Morpho didius and 3 Orange-Barred Sulpher butterflies create a beautiful bright flight.

Our Price: $214.00
Adorable Blue butterflies Blue Pearls II - 12x18 acrylic frame

This display features 2 beautiful metallic Blue Morpho didius and 3 Pearl Morphos. Both of these butterflies, especially the Pearl Morphos, change color depending on the angle viewed. Although parts of the Pearl Morpho's may look drab, it's only the picture and the angle at which it was taken. In person they are constantly glistening and that pearl-like glossy sheen is very prominent.

Our Price: $264.00
Crimson Blue Butterflies Little Red & Big Blue - 18x12 acrylic frame

This product features 2 Blue Morpho didius & a bunch of Cymothoe sangaris. In this display the bottom red sangaris are mounted on 1/4 inch rods and the length of the rods gradually increases up the flight so that the top 2 butterflies are on 1 1/2 inch rods.

Our Price: $324.00
Minimalist Butterflies Black & White Zebra Flight - 12x18 acrylic frame

Beautiful black and white butterflies in a completely clear 3 dimensional acrylic frame, this display will fit in ANY home decor! Looks very striking and 3D in person, it's tough to show the beauty of these butterflies over the internet. Be sure to click the picture above and below for an even larger closeup picture.

Our Price: $379.00
Rainbow Flight Butterflies Rainbow Flight 12x18 acrylic frame

The Rainbow Flight contains 16 unique, brightly colored butterflies. In this display the bottom butterflies are mounted are very short rods and the length of the rods gradually increases up the flight. Mounting on the rods also allows us to tilt the butterflies so that the left side of the butterflies are closer to the base of the case, while the right side is higher. This angling makes the curl smooth, natural and very 3 dimensional something that could never be done in any other kind of display. Unfortunately in pictures it appears somewhat one dimensional, but once you see it in person you'll realize just how beneficial & essential the rods are in butterfly displays. You'll also appreciate why we our large cases are 2 1/4 inches deep, they allow us to use longer rods.

Our Price: $399.00
Butterflies Decoration Flight of 15 Rainbow - 12x18 acrylic frame

Pictured above is essentially a larger version of our popular Flight of 8: Rainbow display. In addition to the 8 butterflies in the Flight of 8, seven more brightly colored, popular species such as the Blue Mountain Swallowtail & Red Scarlet Mormon are included. This case is almost double the size of the Flight of 8 case, almost twice as many butterflies, and is also 50% deeper. This allows us to use longer thin clear rods to balance the butterflies, creating a more three dimensional display. The butterflies are not touching, they're overlapping! Be sure to click the photo above for a closeup photo! If you order two pieces we can custom build a second piece and mirror it (reverse the image), it looks great! Please request this in the special instructions section. If you would like this design in a different color format such as all green, all blue, Fire (yellow, red, orange), black and white, rustic, etc please contact us.

Our Price: $399.00
Minimalist Butterflies Flight of 17: Black, White & Red - 12x18 acrylic frame

Black, white and red butterflies.

Our Price: $399.00
Beautiful Blue Morphos Blue Morpho Sky - 12x 18 - acrylic frame

Overlapping Blue & Pearly Blue Morphos in a 3D, 2.25 inch deep clear frame. 2 big Blue Morpho didius, 5 Blue Morpho menelaus and 3 Pearl Morpho sulkowski mounted on thin clear pedestals to make a one of kind display that pops off your wall!

Our Price: $399.00