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Gorgeous butterflies 8 Tails - 7x8 acrylic frame

The Sunset Moth and Graphium weiskei are two extremely popular, multicolored butterflies. A great combo! Note that both of these butterflies can have some variation, particularly the Graphium weiskei whose center spots vary from pink to purple, although they are usually more on the pinkish side (but they seem to photograph purple just to be a pain!)

Our Price: $94.00
Gorgeous Butterflies Radiance - 7x8 acrylic frame

2 beautiful glossy swallowtails from Indonesia, the green Radiant Swallowtail (top) and the Blue Emerald Swallowtail (Papilio pericles). These iridescent butterflies change color in different types and angles of lighting.

Our Price: $99.00
Purple pink butterflies Purple & Pink - 7x8 acrylic frame

This wonderful display features 3 butterflies that contain the colors purple or pink, both of which are very rare among butterflies. The dark purple and pink Anaea nessus is at the top of the display. The center butterfly is a pink & yellow Batesia hypochlora and the bottom left butterfly is the purple Graphium weiskei.

Our Price: $109.00
North American Butterflies North American Pair 7x8 acrylic frame

These two popular butterflies are widespread throughout North America (the monarch is actually found throughout much of the world).

Our Price: $109.00
Colorful butterflies 8x7 Rainbow Flight - 8x7 acrylic frame

The 8x7 Rainbow Flight features 6 colorful butterflies in a nice compact display.

Our Price: $159.00