Important Note: Owner and lead artist Paul Caparatta will be out of the office from now until early July. This means that "Ready for us to build" table tops and acrylic frames will not be made and shipped during this time. Table tops and acrylic frames that are Prebuilt and Ready To Ship can still ship out, as well as riker mounts. We do have small quantities of some pieces built that may not be listed as prebuilt. Please call us or email us to check if a piece you want can be shipped. The Peacock Swallowtail Table Top and 8x14 Harmony are nice pieces that we have a good quantity of. If you would like to order something but can wait until July, please make a note in the comment section that you are aware of the delay so that we don't contact you.
Sorry for any inconveniece this may cause.

Please hit the BACK button or click here to continue shopping, we are working on our shopping cart and site so don't use the links above just yet. should be the site you use, only use for this shopping cart page. Please call us Toll Free (Monday-Friday 11:00 - 6:30 EST) at 877-302-1902, or email us at if you need expedited shipping or have any questions. We have a 30 day return policy. We appreciate your business, enjoy the butterflies! Shipping is only $5.99 per order. Order $100 or more worth of Riker Mounts (sorry not the bulky acrylic frames or table tops) and receive free shipping, enter code rikerfree below.

Add some Butterfly Tattoos or Butterfly Stickers to your order, kids love em!

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